Introducing PRDX/USDT Serum Listing.

We are excited to announce that PRDX/USDT is listed on Serum Dex! As a team, our ethos has been to further utilize awesome tech when it presents itself to us in this ecosystem so it’s been a really easy decision to be the latest project to join Serum’s Dex. This is just the start as we look to further integrate with Solana in the future.

We have put together a guide as we know many of you will be new to Serum.

Serum is powered by Solana, one of the fastest blockchains out there. Besides being blazingly fast, the Solana blockchain allows for cheap transactions of 0.000005 SOL or $0.00002. With the easy-to-use front-end, it is easy and cheap to now trade PRDX with orderbooks on Serum!

How does this work and how can you use it?

Solana uses wrapped tokens so that you can use any ERC20 token on the Solana network. So, in order to use the Serum Dex, you have to wrap your tokens.

To do this, go to, make an account and make sure to write the seed phrase down somewhere safe, if you lose that phrase, you might lose all your coins.

Now, to start, you need some SOL to power the transactions. Simply click the “receive” button and go to the “ETH” tab. Enter any amount of Ethereum you want to convert and hit convert. A MetaMask dialog will pop-up asking you to confirm 2 transactions. Confirm both and wait for the process to complete.

Congratulations! You now have SOL! Now, let’s add some PRDX tokens! To do this, click the little plus symbol and go to the “ERC20 Token” tab. There, fill in the contract address of the PRDX ERC20 token (0x556148562d5DdeB72545D7EC4B3eC8edc8F55Ba7). Click on “add” and you’re done!

If that somehow does not work for you, you can also use the “manual input” tab. Use the PRDX Solana token mint address (6XeNTbky6NGrqA9xGsvHmSFEiPiT7HK8qPvT8zTCZW6G) and give the token the right name.

Now, if you want to wrap some PRDX tokens to the Solana blockchain, simply click on the PRDX wallet you just created and go to the “ERC20 PRDX” tab. Input any amount of PRDX ERC20 tokens you want to wrap. Click convert. Confirm the MetaMask transactions and wait for the process to finish.

Hooray! You now have wrapped your PRDX tokens!

Now let’s trade! Go to and hit “connect wallet” in the upper right corner of the screen. A window will pop up asking you to connect to the website. Click “connect”. You’re now connected to the Serum Dex and ready for trading!

In the upper left corner of the screen you can select markets, see the market address, and add custom markets by clicking on the little plus sign. A screen will pop up with some input fields. For the market address, fill in (8hjmowssSEynseSo7RLVNjjHGczSFG2nSg6LMue11Fwo). You can give the market any label you want, but for ease of use we recommend naming it simply PRDX/USDT. The symbol name is PRDX. Click “add”.

You are now ready to trade! After your orders are filled, your newly acquired coins will be unsettled and not (yet) show up in your wallet. To fully claim them simply go to your balances and click “settle” if there are any unsettled assets left.

And voila! You just traded PRDX on Serum Dex!

Soon, PRDX will be natively available so that you don’t have to add custom markets anymore, more on that later. We believe in scalability, which is why we think Solana + Serum is an interesting combination we look forward to exploring much more. We want to thank Serum and Solana for making this possible and of course @SBF_Alameda for inspiring us.