First off we would like to thank the community for the feedback over the past couple of weeks, the Predix team can only do what we are doing because of your support. We are excited to further share with you our vision for the future.

As explained in this thread, we have expanded our vision immensely and started building out a much more complete and decentralized product.

Today we are proud to announce the name of this product:

As the name suggests, it is a much more general system built for traders that allows for more interesting and complex predictions.

PreDex has many unique features including leveraged predictions, delayed settlements, custom timeframes, and a feature called “Proof of Liquidity”.

Here’s a quick comparison:

What is Proof of Liquidity?

Proof of Liquidity is a unique concept to earn rewards from PreDex for providing liquidity to the underlying pair. It’s sort of like yield farming, but the rewards come from an actual product: PreDex. A percentage of the losses and fees made on the PreDex market go to the Proof of Liquidity pool, which is then distributed pro-rata to all participants of that specific pool. And yes, this means you can mitigate risk on a prediction by providing liquidity!

We know not many will read a detailed whitepaper but for those that are serious about it, we recommend taking a look at the PreDex whitepaper by clicking here.

The current development status: the smart contracts are mostly complete and we are starting to look at potential auditors. Meanwhile, an exchange-like front-end is being built from the ground up to allow for easy interaction with the PreDex contracts. Although somewhat uncertain due to e.g. auditors, PreDex is expected to launch early/mid October. Keep an eye on our socials to stay up to date! Here’s an invite link to our Telegram:

Oh and that’s not all… We are actively looking for ways to integrate $PRDX on Solana/ProjectSerum in the coming weeks as Serum Project will allow for user-generated markets. Stay tuned for more on this.

The future of prediction-based rewards.